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Melbourne to Warnambool


IsoWhey Sports SwissWellness

DS: Andrew Christie-Johnston

1 Nathan ELLIOTT (IsoWhey Sports SwissWellness)
2 Cameron BAYLY (IsoWhey Sports SwissWellness)
3 Jason LEA* (IsoWhey Sports SwissWellness)
4 Jeremy CAMERON (IsoWhey Sports SwissWellness)
5 Michael FREIBERG (IsoWhey Sports SwissWellness)
6 Robbie HUCKER (IsoWhey Sports SwissWellness)
7 Patrick LANE (IsoWhey Sports SwissWellness)


DS: Ben Kersten

14 Stuart SHAW (NSWIS)
15 Alexander SMYTH* (NSWIS)
17 Ayden TOOVEY* (NSWIS)

Oliver's Real Food Racing

DS: Samuel Layzell

21 Clinton EDWARDS (Oliver's Real Food Racing)
22 Brendon DAVIDS (Oliver's Real Food Racing)
23 Rowan DEVER (Oliver's Real Food Racing)
24 Jack SUTTON (Oliver's Real Food Racing)
25 James GLASSPOOL (Oliver's Real Food Racing)
26 Nicholas WHITE* (Oliver's Real Food Racing)
27 Sean WHITFIELD* (Oliver's Real Food Racing)

Drapac Pat's Veg

DS: Mark O'Brien

31 Brad EVANS (Drapac Pat's Veg)
32 Tom KAESLER* (Drapac Pat's Veg)
33 Oliver KENT-SPARK (Drapac Pat's Veg)
34 Cyrus MONK* (Drapac Pat's Veg)
35 James WHELAN* (Drapac Pat's Veg)

mobius Future Racing

DS: Tom Petty

41 Aaron BICKNELL (mobius Future Racing)
42 Jesse COYLE (mobius Future Racing)
43 Ethan BERENDS* (mobius Future Racing)
44 Conor MURTAGH (mobius Future Racing)
45 Dylan NEWBERY (mobius Future Racing)
46 Aden REYNOLDS (mobius Future Racing)

InForm Tineli

DS: David Sturt

51 Sascha BONDARENKO-EDWARDS (InForm Tineli)
52 Patrick BURT* (InForm Tineli)
53 Ross GORDON* (InForm Tineli)
54 Lionel MAWDITT* (InForm Tineli)
55 Thomas MCFARLANE* (InForm Tineli)
56 Stuart SMITH (InForm Tineli)

GPM Stulz

DS: Trent Wilson

61 Harrison BAILEY* (GPM Stulz)
62 Thomas GREEN* (GPM Stulz)
63 William HODGES* (GPM Stulz)
64 Jake KLAJNBLAT (GPM Stulz)
65 Sam PHIPPS* (GPM Stulz)
66 Cameron ROBERTS (GPM Stulz)
67 Joel WALSH (GPM Stulz)

Van D'am Racing p/b Butterfields

DS: Lachlan Ambrose

71 Thomas ALLFORD* (Van D'am Racing p/b Butterfields)
72 Benjamin ANDREWS* (Van D'am Racing p/b Butterfields)
73 Iven BENNETT* (Van D'am Racing p/b Butterfields)
74 Lachlan DARCH* (Van D'am Racing p/b Butterfields)
75 Matthew DE VROET* (Van D'am Racing p/b Butterfields)
76 Callum PEARCE* (Van D'am Racing p/b Butterfields)
77 Jason THOMASON (Van D'am Racing p/b Butterfields)

Nero Racing Team Edition

DS: Alastair Reither

81 Angus CALDER* (Nero Racing Team Edition)
82 Christopher MILLER (Nero Racing Team Edition)
83 Toby ORCHARD* (Nero Racing Team Edition)
84 Ben VAN DAM (Nero Racing Team Edition)
85 Shaun MACWILLIAM (Nero Racing Team Edition)

AMR Renault Racing Team

DS: Russell Menzies

91 Alexander EVANS* (AMR Renault Racing Team)
92 Kris JOHNSTON (AMR Renault Racing Team)
93 Dylan MCKENNA* (AMR Renault Racing Team)
94 Ivan MICHELIN-BEARD (AMR Renault Racing Team)
95 Julian THOMSON* (AMR Renault Racing Team)
96 Sean TRAINOR (AMR Renault Racing Team)

Anchor Point South Coast

DS: Andrew Lindsey

101 Daniel HERREWYN (Anchor Point South Coast)
102 Ashleigh KEY (Anchor Point South Coast)
103 Matthew LANE (Anchor Point South Coast)
104 Samuel LANE (23)* (Anchor Point South Coast)
105 Nicholas LEONARD (Anchor Point South Coast)
106 Dylan LINDSEY (Anchor Point South Coast)
107 Lachie NOLTE (Anchor Point South Coast)

Future Pro Cycling

DS: Alex Eecen

111 Mathew BICKEL (Future Pro Cycling)
112 Kyle GODSON (Future Pro Cycling)
113 Nick MILLER (Future Pro Cycling)
114 Joel STRACHAN (Future Pro Cycling)

Phoenix Cycling Collective

DS: Scotty Thompson

121 Toby STEWART (Phoenix Cycling Collective)
122 Nathan BOOTH (Phoenix Cycling Collective)
123 Samuel HILL* (Phoenix Cycling Collective)
124 Andrew MCCOSKER (Phoenix Cycling Collective)
125 Samuel MUNDAY* (Phoenix Cycling Collective)

Stitch and Dart


131 Luke JONES (Stitch and Dart)
132 Gordon KENNEWAY (Stitch and Dart)
133 Tommy NANKERVIS (Stitch and Dart)
134 Lee TURNER (Stitch and Dart)
135 Dan FURMSTON (Stitch and Dart)

Bicycle Superstore-Giant


151 Todd BUSCHKUEHL* (Bicycle Superstore-Giant)
163 Alexander HOLDEN* (Bicycle Superstore-Giant)
175 David RANDALL* (Bicycle Superstore-Giant)
181 Riley TERRENS* (Bicycle Superstore-Giant)