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Victorian Track Championships Time and Trial Pursuit

Index of Events

1 J11 Flying 200m
2 J13 Flying 200m
Break Resume 10:35
3 J11 Time Trial Final
4 J13 Time Trial Final
5 JW15 Time Trial Final
6 JM15 Time Trial Final
7 JW17 Time Trial Final
8 JM17 Time Trial Final
9 J11 Scratch Final
10 J13 Scratch Final
Break Resume 12:30
11 JW15 Pursuit Qualifying
12 JM15 Pursuit Qualifying
13 JW17 Pursuit Qualifying
14 JM17 Pursuit Qualifying
Break Resume
15a JW15 Pursuit Bronze Final
15b JW15 Pursuit Gold Final
16a JM15 Pursuit Bronze Final
16b JM15 Pursuit Gold Final
17a JW17 Pursuit Bronze Final
17b JW17 Pursuit Gold Final
18 JM17 Pursuit Bronze Final
18b JM17 Pursuit Gold Final
c1 Flying 200m Classification J11
c2 Flying 200m Classification J13
c3 Time Trial Classification J11
c4 Time Trial Classification J13
c5 Time Trial Classification JW15
c6 Time Trial Classification JM15
c7 Time Trial Classification JW17
c8 Time Trial Classification JM17
c9 Scratch Classification J11
c10 Scratch Classification J13
c11 Pursuit Classification JW15
c12 Pursuit Classification JM15
c13 Pursuit Classification JW17
c14 Pursuit Classification JM17
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